I am your ongoing collaborator from custom development to ongoing support for both you and your clients (past, present, and future). Down to each detail, we’ll collaborate to bring your designs to life exactly the way you envision.

Here’s how we can make it happen

Custom WordPress Development  |  $2500

Option One

A 5-week package where you can design without limits. Create a carefully curated and intentional website design and leave the techy parts to me. I’ll take your finished designs and make them into an easy-to-manage web experience on WordPress - down to each tiny detail.

Day Of Dedicated Development  |  $1200

Option Two

Skip the line and get your WordPress development work done in no time! A 1-day package where I'll take care of any WordPress development tasks you need done, like yesterday.

Monthly Retainer  |  Starting at $200/mo

Option Three

A monthly retainer package to take care of coding, tech, and maintenance tasks to make your job easier. From ongoing client support to large-scale customizations, you are free to focus on design and leave the development to me.

Melissa Burkheimer

Krista saved me at least 10+ hours of sales page review time. Now, I don't dread the development stage and I can confidently refer people to a developer who does amazing work! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER FOR DESIGNERS!

Melissa Burkheimer, Sales Page Designer

Katie Williamsen

If you are spending hours playing around with code and getting nowhere, hiring Krista should be a no-brainer. She can give you back those hours so you can do the work you do best.

Katie Williamsen, Web Design Strategist

Amanda Creek

I wanted more time in my day to do things besides learning new coding skills. I have a new-found peace of mind that work is getting done - and getting done beautifully and quickly!

Amanda Creek, Designer

Kory Woodard

Development is absolutely not my thing. I love working with Krista because I finally have the freedom to create really beautiful and creative designs that my clients will love and know that it’ll actually be possible because I have an amazing developer to let take control instead of spending hours trying to figure it out myself. Plus, I love that she’s able to handle tech stuff in a way that I can’t, so I know my clients and their websites are in great hands with her.

Kory Woodard, Designer