Get Back To Design is a free course for designers who are ready to ditch the code and spend more time doing what they love - design!


You've been looking for a way to:

  • Offer more complex design features, rather than being limited by what you can code
  • Add web design to your offerings, instead of limiting yourself to services and platforms that don't require development
  • Give your clients websites with coding best practices kept in mind, or
  • Make more time for new branding and design projects

You're in the right place.



I know that teaming up with a developer for the first time can be a bit scary. You're not sure how the process works. You've heard horror stories about other designers trying to work with a developer. You're not sure what would be expected of you.

That's exactly why I created this free course.



In Get Back To Design, we'll go over:

- 5 benefits of teaming up with a developer

- 6 things to keep in mind before your first collaboration with a developer

- The 8 parts of the website design process and what that will look like, and

- What to look for in a good developer


Krista Rae - Strategic WordPress Development


Krista is a strategic WordPress developer who specializes in designer collaborations. She takes completed designs and turns them into fully-functioning WordPress websites. With degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering, she provides her clients with strategic, well-coded websites that look and work perfectly on all devices.




Bonus: Course Community

As an added bonus, we even have a course community. This Facebook group is the perfect place for you to:

  • Get your questions answered
  • Share any hesitations or struggles
  • Get advice if a collaboration isn't going quite right
  • Get recommendations for the perfect developer for you
  • Or even get a little help with your own coding!
Kaitlyn Kessler

Working with Krista is a dream. She is organized, efficient, and able to interpret a designer’s vision. She offers advice, feedback, and has an understanding of what will actually work versus what will just look good.

Kaitlyn Kessler, Designer

If you're ready to stop wasting your time in code and spend more time doing what you love, click the button below to get the introductory lesson delivered to your inbox. I can't wait to get started!