Development Day

Skip the line and get your dev work done in no time!

You've got a project coming up and NEED a reliable developer who will get the job done. You don't have time for 5-month long waitlists, but don't want to be stuck with someone who doesn't have a clue what they're doing.

Skip the waitlist for a one-day, focused development intensive where my WordPress development skills are yours to use how you wish!

Development Day is a 1-day package where I'll do any WordPress development task(s) that you need done, like yesterday.

Life after working together


Development timelines don't throw off your project schedule or force you to say "no" to a dream client.


Your coding tasks are done months sooner than they would have been if you were on a good developers waitlist.


You're not limited by long timelines or back-and-forth communication. We'll tackle your development tasks in record time!

Melissa Burkheimer

Krista saved me at least 10+ hours of sales page review time. Now, I don't dread the development stage and I can confidently refer people to a developer who does amazing work! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER FOR DESIGNERS!

Melissa Burkheimer, Sales Page Designer

Book a development day!

Currently on maternity leave and spots will reopen in Fall 2021.
Email if you'd like to know when dates are available.

With a Development Day you can

  • Save yourself days of going back-and-forth with developers to see if they have availability
  • Save 2+ years of training and tens of thousands of dollars learning proper coding techniques
  • Say "yes" to that dream project and know that progress will be made fast when it comes time for development
Rachel Vane

I LOVE YOU. Seriously, you just saved me SO MUCH TIME!


what can I do in a day?

I'm glad you asked! The options are endless, but here are a few examples of what a day together could look like:

  • Develop a short to medium-form, mobile-responsive sales page (depending on design complexity) for a client project, based on your mockups.
  • Create a staging site, set up a custom theme or existing template, and develop a custom home page for a new project, including a template for you to use to build out the remaining pages.
  • Put the finishing touches on a handful of client sites that have been stuck in the final stages of your process and get them launched.

Not sure if your project will work? Email me at with the subject line "Development Day"  with a description of what you have in mind. I'll let you know if it's a good fit!

How it works

With this package, you have my full attention for one working day. We'll decide exactly what I'm going to work on and get the material I need prepared beforehand so I can dive straight into work on that day.

Since this package is based on a set of hours (6 to be exact), there are no specific deliverables. For example, I can't promise that I will have a full, long-form sales page with an intricate design 100% done and ready to go in one day. But I'll always do my best to start with the most complex pieces so that anything that doesn't get completed is either not a huge deal or something you can finish on your own.

You can be confident that during this day, you have my 100% focus. You won't see me on social media more than to say that I'm excited to work on your project. My husband will have my phone in case daycare calls about my little girl, and I won't be checking email or talking with other clients.

My focus on this day will be completing your work and doing an incredible job so you and your client can wrap up your project as soon as possible. Yay!

Katie Williamsen

I can't believe that only took you 12 minutes. That would have taken me HOURS. That's why everyone needs you. They just don't know it.

Katie Williamsen, Web Design Strategist

Starting steps

Here's what the process will look like:

Step 1: Book your day

  • Click the button below to choose your Development Day.
  • I'll send a contract, invoice, and initial questionnaire.
  • Once those are completed you can consider your day booked!

Step 2: Let's talk details

  • I'll send a detailed questionnaire and collect all of the project details, mockups, and login credentials.
  • If I have questions about the project, we'll get them clarified and make a plan for moving forward.

Step 3: I'll work my magic

  • Once our Development Day is here, I'll get to work on your project while you sit back and relax.
  • We'll communicate via Slack (since I won't have my phone!) with progress updates and questions.
  • If needed, we can hop on a call to clarify details.

Step 4: Project Wrap-Up

  • At the end of the day, you'll get a final progress update.
  • I'll also record a walkthrough video of the work I've completed along with any tutorial videos you and your client might need.

Book a development day!

Currently on maternity leave and spots will reopen in Fall 2021.
Email if you'd like to know when dates are available.

Krista Rae - WordPress Development for Designers

Hey, I'm Krista!

Creating memorable brands and websites is where your time is best spent. That's how you serve your clients. That's how you make an impact. And that's how you bring in the dollar bills. But the code that comes with designing those intentional websites isn't your cup of tea. Sure, you can push through and make it happen. But it takes way too long, your creativity is limited by your coding abilities, and it totally ruins the excitement as you near the end of a project.

That's what I'm here for! I'm your partner for all things code, tech, and WordPress so you can focus on the pieces of your projects that matter.

Erin Flynn

I couldn't be happier with Krista's work, attention to detail, and super-human ability to get things done so quickly. Hire her now!


Frequently asked questions

Nikki Corcoran

The whole process with Krista was smooth, reliable and EASY. Needless to say, I'll be keeping her in my back pocket for future projects!


Phyllis Sa

I'm grateful to have had you on this project with me - you are always professional, efficient, and damn do you do a great job!

Phyllis Sa, Designer

The K Design Co

I've worked with several developers in the past with mixed results. With Krista, the final product has been something I'm proud to share with my client and the quality of work is amazing. Now, I'm not worried about what the final product is going to look like because I know it will be exactly as I hoped, if not even better.

Kristin Prius, Designer

Book a development day!

Currently on maternity leave and spots will reopen in Fall 2021.
Email if you'd like to know when dates are available.