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Here at Krista Rae LLC, I'm all about providing value for designers that allows them to run more efficient, profitable, and stress-free design businesses. I provide WordPress development services, content on working with a developer and simplifying a design business, co-host the Get Back To Design Podcast, and founded the Simply Profitable Designer Summit.

My goal is for all designers to spend less time on the things they feel like they have to be doing and instead focusing on what they love - design!

Who I serve

Female brand and web designers


In business 2+ years

Feeling overwhelmed by #allthethings

What I offer

1:1 Services

  • 1:1 custom development - They do the design, hand off the completed design to me, and I bring it to life
  • Ongoing monthly retainers - I'm available for quick turnaround for a specific number of hours per month to take pesky coding tasks off of their task list

Digital Products

  • Design Your Own Pixel Perfect Production - A workbook leading web designers through each step of designing a strategic website that gets clients results


  • Simply Profitable Designer Summit - An annual online summit to help designers become more efficient, profitable, and stress-free







3.5k monthly pageviews




(82.7k monthly viewers)


Listens: 3k/month
Instagram: 900
Facebook Page: 100
Website: 800 monthly views

Topics include

I'm happy to work up a presentation or piece of content specifically for your audience.
Here are some past examples:

The Stress-Free Way To Collaborate With A Developer

5 Steps To A Distaster-Free Developer Collaboration

How To Run A Profitable + Stress-Free Design Business

Increase Your Profits By Collaborating With A Developer

Building A Business Based On Collaborations

Managing Multiple Businesses Without The Overwhelm

Embrace Your Strengths And Stop Doing It On Your Own

Collaborations I'm available for:

  • Live masterclass (solo or co-hosted)
  • Live training in your Facebook group
  • Interview on your podcast
  • Instagram story takeover
  • Guest expert training in your paid community
  • Guest blog post or newsletter
  • Summit speaker
  • In-person event speaker

Collaborations I can offer you:

  • Live masterclass (solo or co-hosted)
  • Podcast interview (currently offered to designers only)
  • Instagram story takeover
  • Guest blog post or newsletter
  • Summit speaker
  • Feature on my featured service providers list for clients

Past Collaborations

I've been featured on podcasts, blogs, summits, Facebook groups, paid memberships, and more.
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