Build Your Dream Theme

Template Development

Your third client in a row didn't approve the theme you spent hours finding for them. You knew it wasn't perfect, since it wasn't your own work, but now you're back to square one searching through themes from other designers when you'd much rather be using your own.

Let's combine my coding skills with your dream website design to give you the only theme your future clients will need. This way, you won't have to bring on a developer for each project or go through the headache of searching through themes, when you know exactly what your clients need.

Build Your Dream Theme is an 8-week package where we'll create the only theme you'll ever need for your web design projects.

Life after working together


Know what theme to use for each project and don't waste time searching themes, when none are perfect


Feel the pride of using your own design for your clients, without the shame of depending on someone else's work


No more wasted tears, headaches, and time Googling when someone wants a simple tweak to the design you created

Kory Woodard

Development is absolutely not my thing. I love working with Krista because I finally have the freedom to create really beautiful and creative designs that my clients will love and know that it’ll actually be possible because I have an amazing developer to let take control instead of spending hours trying to figure it out myself. Plus, I love that she’s able to handle tech stuff in a way that I can’t, so I know my clients and their websites are in great hands with her.

Kory Woodard, Designer


$5500 | Booked until May 2020

Kaitlyn Kessler

Working with Krista is a dream. She is organized, efficient, and able to interpret a designer’s vision. She offers advice, feedback, and has an understanding of what will actually work versus what will just look good.

Kaitlyn Kessler, Designer

With Build Your Dream Theme you can

  • Feel pride each time you see your own design on a website, instead of half-pretending you were responsible for someone else's work
  • Keep your prices low, while providing your clients with a theme that you designed from scratch with them in mind
  • Save 2+ years of training, tens of thousands of dollars, and a whole lot of Googling to learn proper coding techniques
Nikki Corcoran

The whole process with Krista was smooth, reliable and EASY. Needless to say, I'll be keeping her in my back pocket for future projects!

Nikki Corcoran, Designer

What you get

  • 60-minute kickoff and planning call
  • 2 x 30-minute check-in calls
  • Custom Genesis child theme
  • Blog + single post
  • Standard page template
  • Homepage template
  • Alternate homepage template
  • Landing page template
  • Sales page template
  • WooCommerce or Portfolio integration
  • Contact form integration
  • Email marketing integration
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile responsiveness

Plus extra support

It's important that you feel totally confident using the theme we create together and know you're fully supported. Along with this package you'll also receive:

  • Demo site setup
  • 30 days of support
  • 2 hours of retainer work
  • Video walk-through of the complete installation and setup process

Let's see if we're a perfect fit

Click the button below to fill out a questionnaire about your project and schedule an intro call. This way, we'll see if I'll be the perfect fit.

From there, we'll determine exactly what your clients, decide on a timeline, and build your dream theme!

Katie Williamsen

If you are spending hours playing around with code and getting nowhere, hiring Krista should be a no-brainer. She can give you back those hours so you can do the work you do best.

Katie Williamsen, Web Design Strategist

Who this is for:

  • Designers who don't enjoy coding, but are sick of searching for themes for their client projects
  • Experienced designers who know what their ideal clients need and have their own, unique aesthetic
  • Website designers who want to spend less time on code (or, let's be honest, Google) and more time on design

Who this is not for:

  • Designers who don't know who their ideal client is or what they need in a website
  • Designers who have never offered website setup or design before
  • Non-designers


$5500 | Booked until May 2020

Krista Rae - WordPress Development for Designers

Hey, I'm Krista!

Creating memorable brands and websites is where your time is best spent. That's how you serve your clients. That's how you make an impact. And that's how you bring in the dollar bills. But the code that comes with designing those intentional websites isn't your cup of tea. Sure, you can push through and make it happen. But it takes way too long, your creativity is limited by your coding abilities, and it totally ruins the excitement as you near the end of a project.

That's what I'm here for! I'm your partner for all things code, tech, and WordPress so you can focus on the pieces of your projects that matter.

Amanda Creek

I wanted more time in my day to do things besides learning new coding skills. I love that she's organized and results driven. I have a new-found peace of mind that work is getting done - and getting done beautifully and quickly!

Amanda Creek, Designer

Frequently asked questions

The K Design Co

I've worked with several developers in the past with mixed results. With Krista, the final product has been something I'm proud to share with my client and the quality of work is amazing. Now, I'm not worried about what the final product is going to look like because I know it will be exactly as I hoped, if not even better.

Kristin Prius, Designer


$5500 | Booked until May 2020