Back Pocket Developer

Monthly Development Retainer

You're aaaalmost done with your latest website design project and have a couple "simple" code tweaks to make. At least it should be simple. You've already spent 2 hours on Google and just can't. figure. it. out. But this website needs to be perfect and you're not about to give up.

You need a coding and tech expert you can trust to take care of the final tweaks and more in-depth features of a website, so you can wrap up your design projects headache-free with happy clients.

Back Pocket Developer is a monthly collaboration to take care of coding, tech, and maintenance tasks so you can get back to design.

Life after working together


Coding issues that should be simple don't ruin that launch-preparation excitement.


Finish projects on time and stress free thanks to having a coding expert in your back pocket.


You spend more time on parts of the project you love instead of Googling CSS changes for hours on end.

Katie Williamsen

I can't believe that only took you 12 minutes. That would have taken me HOURS. That's why everyone needs you. They just don't know it.

Katie Williamsen, Designer


Starting at $200/month | Currently booked out

Rachel Vane

I LOVE YOU. Seriously, you just saved me SO MUCH TIME!

Rachel Vane, Designer

With Back Pocket Developer you can

  • Hand off the tricky parts of your website design that are making your projects fall behind
  • Build up a couple month's worth of hours to use on a full custom page template
  • Add a profit it my rate and offer technical support packages to your clients without the work
  • Use up a few hours for updates to your own website, since you don't give yourself enough time for that
  • Let someone else take care of setting up a staging site so you can keep the live site running while you design
  • Have someone else to worry about the finishing touches that you don't have time for
Michaela Latavanha

I can dream bigger now with my designs. I'm no longer limited to just what I can do. Plus every last detail of the site is the way I dream it to look like. Also when $#@t hits the fan, I know I have another person in my corner, it's not just me anymore. I have peace of mind and creative freedom.

Michaela Latavanha, Designer

What you get

  • 2-8 hours of dedicated priority development support per month
  • Preferred client rate on all work completed
  • Guaranteed turnaround time on all tasks
  • Rollover hours from month-to-month
  • Ability to easily assign and manage tasks anytime
  • 1:1 support

Let's see if we're a perfect fit

Click the button below聽to fill out a questionnaire about your project and schedule an intro call. This way, we'll see if I'll be the perfect fit for your team.

You'll get an email with additional information and you'll hear back from me within 2 business days with answers to your questions. From there we'll get started taking development work off your plate!

Currently booked out

Amanda Creek

I wanted more time in my day to do things besides learning new coding skills. I love that she's organized and results driven. I have a new-found peace of mind that work is getting done - and getting done beautifully and quickly!

Amanda Creek, Designer

Who this is for:

  • Website designers who are ready to wrap up projects without the hassle
  • Website designers who want to spend less time on code (or, let's be honest, Google) and more time on design
  • Designers who want to offer their clients ongoing support package without having to do the work themselves

Who this is not for:

  • Designers who love ongoing maintenance tasks
  • Designers who enjoy small coding projects
  • Non-designers


Starting at $200/month | Currently booked out

Krista Rae - WordPress Development for Designers

Hey, I'm Krista!

Creating memorable brands and websites is where your time is best spent. That's how you serve your clients. That's how you make an impact. And that's how you bring in the dollar bills. But the code that comes with designing those intentional websites isn't your cup of tea. Sure, you can push through and make it happen. But it takes way too long, your creativity is limited by your coding abilities, and it totally ruins the excitement as you near the end of a project.

That's what I'm here for! I'm your partner for all things code, tech, and WordPress so you can focus on the pieces of your projects that matter.

Rachelle Demoskoff

I've been able to send Krista all the tasks that come up that would derail me from what I'm working on...and take me hours to figure out! She is able to complete them so easily! I love having Krista as part of my team and would highly recommend her!

Rachelle Demoskoff, Designer

Frequently asked questions

Erin Flynn

I couldn't be happier with Krista's work, attention to detail, and super-human ability to get things done so quickly. Hire her now!

Erin Flynn, Digital Strategist & Mentor

Nikki Corcoran

The whole process with Krista was smooth, reliable and EASY. Needless to say, I'll be keeping her in my back pocket for future projects!

Nikki Corcoran, Designer

Madison Wetherill

I'm no longer tied to designing what feels safe. I can feel confident building my client's websites based on my creativity, instead of my coding knowledge.

Madison Wetherill, Designer


Starting at $200/month | Currently booked out