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Krista Rae - WordPress development for designers

You’re lit up by designing carefully curated websites in your own signature style. Websites that create connection, make an impact, and leave their mark on everyone who stops by. When you are free to design, tech details aside, that’s when you can let your creativity soar and watch your one-of-a-kind clients bloom.

Offering day rate development packages, I'm here to offer quick-turnaround detailed-oriented support to both you and your clients. Down to each detail, we’ll collaborate to bring your designs to life exactly the way you envision.

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Build Your Dream Theme WordPress Template Development

Development Day
Dedicated Development

Skip the line and get your WordPress development work done without the wait! A one-day, dedicated package where I'll take care of any WordPress development tasks you need done, like yesterday.

Krista Rae - WordPress Development for Designers

Hey, I'm Krista!

As a designer, creating memorable brands and websites is where your time is best spent. That's how you serve your clients. That's how you make an impact. And that's how you bring in the dollar bills. But the code that comes with designing those intentional websites isn't your cup of tea. Sure, you can push through and make it happen. But it takes way too long, your creativity is limited by your coding abilities, and it totally ruins the excitement as you near the end of a project.

That's what I'm here for. Through day rate development projects for WordPress and Kajabi, I'm here to help you focus on the pieces of your projects that matter and turn your development work around quickly - looking the way you envisioned!

Kind words from clients

I used to spend hours trying to figure out little website details. It drove me nuts because I knew someone else could fix it more quickly. Krista can quickly make the changes that might take me hours. I'm also able to offer clients that are using WordPress templates additional customization. If you are spending hours playing around with code and getting nowhere, hiring Krista should be a no-brainer. She can give you back those hours so you can do the work you do best.

Katie Williamsen

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